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This page is dedicated to all who, desiring to ride the first time, are not aware of some frequent discomforts. We urge you to wear comfortable shoes – NO stiletto heels, sandals or slippers. We assure you that it is easier to fly to the moon in a space shuttle than to ride with stiletto heels. But if you are unable to do without, we can furnish you with riding boots, which are much more comfortable and safe for mounting on the saddle.
Also remember that horseback riding is not like taking a walk. Once you dismount you will experience pain in the legs and if you feel tired, that is normal. Don’t run to the doctor asking for a miraculous cure! Your pain will disappear in a couple of days.
When you are on the saddle remember always not to cry out! Always try to seem like an expert rider and to be ready for any occurrence, in order not to look bad in front of expert riders.
Usually beginners, as soon as they are on the saddle, the first thing they say is in embarrassment is << But it really moves! >>. Don’t forget that the horse is alive!! And it must move!!
We are sure that we have made you smile and, even if you are a complete beginner, we have been able to convey our love for this stupendous sport, and inspire you with a passion for horses and perhaps this will bring you in our company, to ride through the marvellous paths of Monte Amiata.