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Monte Labro

Leaving our centre and travelling down the path, which passes through the Dzog Chen Community “Merigar” and the Wild Life Park, you reach Monte Labro (1193 m. high). This almost barren cone-shaped limestone peak rises South East of the Monte Amiata region, and from the distance it seems to be of a bluish colour.
The landscape is stony and dotted with green patches of grass and thorn bushes, interspersed by occasional high trees, conferring the mountain a mysterious and impressive appearance.
From the mountain’s top on a clear day you will enjoy commanding views of the Tuscan countryside and the sea as far as the Tuscan archipelago.
On the mountain top you will be able to explore the tower and ruins of a 19th C. religious centre founded and led by Davide Lazzeretti, a local saint.


The Amiata Wildlife Reserve

 About one hour’s distance from the Equestrian Centre you will enjoy the beauty of the Amiata Wildlife Reserve. This vast area covers the East slope of The Monte Labro and hosts several protected animal species.
Inspired by the German “Wild Park”, this reserve represents a totally new experience: most of the animals like the wolf and the ungulates (deer, roe deer, fallow deer, chamois and mufflon) live in a half-free condition inside large areas crossed by sign-posted paths.
The reserve is mainly educational in purpose and safeguards local species, like the local donkey sorcino crociato. Numerous animals run free inside and outside the enclosures: among these are numerous hawk species (buzzard hawk, hen harrier, kestrel etc.), as well as porcupine, fox and wild boar.
In the restaurant inside the reserve you can taste typical products of this area.

Santa Fiora and the SS. Trinità of the Selva Convent

Riding down country roads in the thick of chestnut woods, you will reach Santa Fiora. This town become a centre of primary importance during the 13th C. as the family headquarters of the Aldobrandeschi counts and one of the main Tuscan Ghibelline (anti pope) centres.
One’s interest is immediately captured by the “Peschiera”, a large artificial pond fed by the headwaters of the river Fiora, animated by throngs of large fish and immersed in the shadow of centuries-old trees. A unique sight in Southern Tuscany.
At a distance of about 8 km. from Santa Fiora is located the SS. Trinità women’s Convent, which was built in 1114 by the Aldobrandeschi family.
After a short rest at the convent, you will be ready for the return ride.


Towards the Vettoraia Boulder

From many itineraries you can choose there is one which you must not miss: the ride to the huge volcanic boulder Sasso della Vettoraia. After one hour’s ride you will reach the foot of the boulder. While the horses rest you will climb to the top where you will experience a breathtaking panorama. A green sea of chestnuts, beech and pines all the way to the villages below: you will see the tower of the Aldobrandeschi Castle of Arcidosso, the Monte Labro, Monte Aquilaia, the hills of the Siena province and Metalbearing Hills (Colline Metallifere).You will feel surrounded by peace and tranquillity.
After a rest you will ride back to the centre.

The Chestnut road

Leaving the centre, through a series of paths which ring Monte Amiata, you will reach the “Chestnut road”. Monte Amiata has some of the largest chestnut groves in Italy. The chestnut was the major food source for many generations of inhabitants of this splendid mountain in Southern Tuscany.
The entire ride takes ½ a day and provides sensational views.