Courses for children
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I – Green Weeks for Children

The “Centro Equestre Ambasciador” has been operating in the equestrian tourism for many years and it offers a good opportunity for young beginners to understand, love and take care of horses in a reciprocal exchange of friendship and affection.
Children are divided in groups according to their age and experience. They live in close daily contact with their assigned horse. Under the direction of our specialized staff, the children firstly learn their animals’ physical characteristics, genealogy and habits, how to take care of their horse and how to behave in its presence. Secondly they receive practical lessons in leading and riding inside the arena.

II – Little Pony Riding

In our children courses, Little Pony Riding plays an important role, This system of teaching is, in rough outline, similar to the previous one, but it is made easier by the nature and size of the animal.
Children like ponies not only because of their size but also because of their quiet and gentle character. In a certain sense they represent a first, useful step towards the riding world.

All lessons take place in a special riding enclosure (arena) and last from 30 minutes to one hour.